Videos - Class Songs, Ballet Technique, and DIY tips

The 'Bonjour' Song

Created by Miss Ella, this fun song is a great way to warmup minds and bodies. In this video the two versus are only sung once, however, multiple repetitions allow each child a chance to pic which step is done and the number of times it is performed.

Hello my friends
Everyone is here
Now follow me
Passé up to three

Hello my friends
Everyone is here
You all are very cool
​Jump up to seven
  1. DIY - The Tights Dilemma
    Simple steps making footed tights interchangeable. An indispensable fix for forgotten ballet shoes etc.
  2. Kids Ballet & Hula Camp
    This is the first in Miss Ella's "Dance & Culture" Kids' Camps Series. This fun weeklong camp was taught in French at L'Etoile French Immersion School. Each day consisted of two dance sections, two craft sections, short videos, singing, and story time.